Strategic decisions based on secure data

WINTERHELLER solutions prepare you to keep up with rapidly changing markets. Take control of your future performance with sustainable long-term decisions.

Secure evaluation of alternatives and actions

WINTERHELLER develops products to help you come to a fast, reliable decision and to translate ideas into figures. Our approach turns your software into a workshop of ideas where you get answers straight away, without having to wait for your KPIs to develop. 

  • Fast results, as top-down or bottom-up simulations
  • Fast and efficient even in complex planning environments
  • Comparable as variants anytime  
  • Projections and rolling forecasts
  • Simulations, trends and “What if”-questions
  • Dynamic and flexible – start from the detailed processes of your business model and work your way up to company and corporation level
  • Intelligent action planning – because your ability to put ideas into practice is your biggest competitive advantage

Be sure to invest in a partner who knows your world from the perspective of a Managing Director, CEO, CFO or Controller. Our teachers were not market trends, but more than 350 standard customers who taught us to understand what they needed – straightforward service, short response times, conclusive and easy-to-read reports and graphics that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and that are practical and reliable.

Dynamic Solutions - Innovation

Dynamic Solutions, SRL market-oriented activities in the field of research are governed by the iResearch concept, which stands for innovative research.

For us innovation is a means of exploiting change and of converting it into business optimization opportunities. We associate innovation to performance and growth through constant improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning, and market share.
iResearch, as an essential concept of our market-directed offer, embodies levels at which our competencies and resources are used for innovation and technological transfer purposes.